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The Latest EMS News · 18 March 2022

How EMS Shaped Their Lives

Former EMS students sitting at table speaking to current students.

Graduates return to campus to share their stories

Originally published in the Winter 2022 edition of Apple Tree Magazine

Current students enjoyed our annual Young Alumni Panel, a treasured tradition where our graduates return to EMS each fall to share their experiences. Our accomplished alumni panelists represented a wide array of schools and are in various stages along their post-EMS paths.

They were eager to share their insights about the secondary school process, discuss how an EMS education has shaped their lives, and describe where their journeys have taken them.

“I have become a leader in my high school community and I can trace my leadership skills back to EMS. First, I began stepping out of my comfort zone by performing at talent shows. I also continued working on my skills as a violinist and violist through my involvement in the super chamber. And, I was also given the tools to get more comfortable using my voice through my participation in the GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) and Model UN. My EMS experience continues to deliver in ways that surprise me. I’ll start my first paid internship this spring for a data science company, and I’ve been invited to accompany a state senator to the legislative hall in Dover, Del. I use what I learned at EMS every day and it all started with the 4 C’s, four founding principles I carry with me from EMS.” — MARIE DILLARD ’20

“EMS provided a strong foundation for me, both educationally and socially. I made lifelong friendships and found my voice in classroom discussions. The collaboration between students and teachers at EMS made me believe that my opinion mattered and prompted me to consider different points of view. The confidence I developed in class is serving me well in life after EMS.” — TREVOR OSTFELD ’21

“My EMS experience has shaped the student and the individual I am today. It has given me the opportunity to experiment with different studying methods, foster relationships with peers and teachers, and find my passions.” — MICHELLE KIM ’19

“One of the most profound experiences among many that EMS provided to me was the outstanding music program. Learning about, listening to, and playing music daily led me to excel in my studies and academics. Now in high school, I continue to play the violin and even make digital music, combining my two passions for technology and music that started at EMS.” — TIBET YAKUT ’19

“I remember we had a test in sixth-grade math that had a bonus challenge problem at the end. I didn’t have time to complete the problem in class and was upset about not having the opportunity to work through it, so my teacher suggested I take the problem home. I feel like a light switch turned on that day. I realized learning can be beneficial just for learning’s sake, and need not be motivated by a grade or extra credit. The mutual respect between my teacher and me made me want to perform at a high level and pushed me to do better any chance I got. Almost 10 years later, I don’t remember what I got on the test, but I do remember the feeling of accomplishment at getting that bonus problem right, and it’s stuck with me as motivation ever since.” — JACK BLOOM ’16

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