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Summer String Festival: Help us make the magic happen!

Your generosity supports our program and makes the festival accessible to more than 180 talented children, regardless of their financial circumstances. Donors will be recognized in the program at the Gala Concert on Thursday, Aug. 11, and Friday, Aug. 12. Contributions of $800 or more receive two (2) reserved seats.

If you’ve already given to the Summer String Festival, thank you. If not, will you please take a moment to make a gift?

Summer String Festival 25th Anniversary Photo
Summer String Festival Founder Amelia Gold and our amazing music teachers and staff with talented young musicians from across the country — and the globe!

How to Support EMS

Make a one-time Gift

Within minutes, you can easily make an online gift to enrich students’ educational experience. Donate to our Annual Fund or one of our more specialized funds.

Make a Leadership Gift

Join our group of prominent donors whose influential support allows us to make the greatest impact on the lives of our students.

Make a Pledge

Let us know we can count on your support with a pledge, which can be fulfilled through a one-time gift or monthly payments by June 30.

Speak to Advancement

If you have questions about a high-impact gift you’d like to make or would prefer to mail your donation, connecting with Advancement is the best way to ensure you get the solutions you need.

Our institution requires financial investment to continue its pursuit of excellence, but your support is about more than money.


feel appreciated and supported as they’re empowered to invest in the teaching environment, new technology, and improved learning.


benefit from new, innovative tools in the classroom.


see the effect of their support in their loved ones’ education

EMS families

maintain a sense of pride in the school’s reputation.

EMS Alumni

benefit from their association with a highly-regarded school.

How EMS utilizes your support:

Financial Aid for students who qualify academically and show financial need

STEAM programming (science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics) throughout the EMS journey

COVID-19 Infrastructure Response

How you can help EMS today

Elisabeth Morrow School student engages with wooden learning toys.

Support our ongoing steam initatives

Help us continue to innovate our STEAM spaces throughout EMS. These spaces, such as Exploration Alley in Chilton House and Innovation Alley in Little School, help our students build the creativity and skills that will make a difference in their future.

Support NuVu at EMS

EMS is proud to embark on a multi-year engagement with NuVu, a groundbreaking project that will assist EMS in developing a curriculum that helps our students meet the creativity and innovation needs of the future. Your gift will help us rapidly expand our NuVu programming from eighth grade to all divisions.

Your time is as valuable as your financial contribution, and EMS is lucky to benefit from so many willing volunteers.

Volunteering doesn’t just benefit EMS, it gives the volunteer another connection to the EMS community and offers a supportive environment with a sense of purpose. You always have a front-row seat to the results of your work.

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Partnering with EMS

If you are a local business, we encourage you to consider partnering with EMS.
From auction fundraisers to festivals, we have a number of opportunities.

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If you have questions about making a gift, connect with our advancement team for fast answers.
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