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Life at The Elisabeth Morrow School

Life at the Elisabeth Morrow School

At EMS, we balance social and emotional growth and academic rigor.

The school environment is engineered to build confidence and self-awareness in our students. Our students see risk as an opportunity to learn. Their ideas are valued, and our students can put what they learn to use, develop a deep sense of themselves, and discover passions that will become the underpinning of a fulfilling life.

At The Elisabeth Morrow School, children grow into new experiences, starting in Chilton House and culminating up the hill in Morrow House.

Our indoor/outdoor approach to educational spaces sets EMS apart.

Our curricula support the observation and exploration of nature. The entire campus is a science lab.

The 14-acre campus is a certified wildlife habitat with nature trails, community gardens, a pond, a brook, three playgrounds, and outdoor patios.

A 5:1 student-teacher ratio ensures your child is always seen, heard, and known.

Our Principles and Philosophy

Academic Rigor

We have high expectations and challenge students to reach their full potential.


We help students develop independence and habits essential for future success.


We offer a curriculum that allows children to dive deeper into topics that interest them. 


We provide innovative programming in science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics.


Students explore themselves and the world around them through multiple perspectives.


Our nationally renowned instrumental music program provides myriad options for the avid (or aspiring) musician.

Social and Emotional Learning

Students recognize and manage emotions, set and achieve goals, show empathy to others, and make responsible decisions.

Library Science and Media Studies

A robust interdisciplinary curriculum supports research and learning inside and outside the classroom.

Physical Education

Students develop healthy lifestyle habits through a variety of fitness, sport, and rhythmic activities both during and after school.

Visual Art

Campus activities foster visual awareness, imaginative thinking, and creative expression.


Every member of The Elisabeth Morrow School family is valued, from students to faculty and staff to parents and guardians and beyond.


Children actively engage in hands-on activities that support the concept of sustainability.

Our teachers model lifelong learning.

  • Consider the impact of happy, fulfilled teaching and support staff on your child’s educational experience.
  • Our staff continually seeks out opportunities for ongoing professional development.
  • The associate teacher program provides our teachers with the support they need in the classroom.
  • Innovation in the classroom and fostering a “maker mindset” creates excitement and new experiences for teachers and students.
  • We embrace our teachers as whole beings, with unique talents/personality that benefit the classroom and students. 

EMS is so much more than the school day. Our community provides experiences, support, and learning year round.

  • Before and After Care provides opportunities for working parents and children craving more socialization or time for homework.
  • After School Adventures allow students a deep dive into an area of interest after school.
  • Summer Explorations offers a summer day camp experience that supports and continues the learning journey.
  • Summer String Festival gives our most dedicated music students a chance to shine in an internationally recognized program.

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