Transportation to The Elisabeth Morrow School

The Elisabeth Morrow School offers TRANSPORTATION between our campus and Neighborhoods in new jersey and new york city.

We offer pick-up and dropoff in the following areas of New Jersey: Fort Lee, Edgewater, Cliffside Park, Weehawken, West New York, Guttenberg, and North Bergen. We also offer transportation between our campus and the following NYC neighborhoods: Upper West Side, Upper East Side, Washington Heights, and Hudson Heights.

School-Provided Transportation

To accommodate the many neighborhoods our students come from while minimizing their travel time, the school will offer either bus or rideshare service to families who request transportation. Routes are established based on the most efficient and practical route for all received requests. Therefore, families are not able to select one service over the other (bus vs rideshare).

Bus Transportation

We currently provide door-to-door and common stop service using 20-passenger buses from Rainbow Transportation, Inc. A bus aide monitors students on each daily bus route so the driver may focus on the road and traffic. Approved car seats for younger riders are available for use at the request of parents or guardians.

Promptly after the registration deadline, Rainbow Transportation determines bus routes for the year and sets morning pick-up times based on the number of riders and the location of each pick-up.

The bus arrives on campus by 7:50 a.m. and departs in the afternoon after regular dismissals have been completed.

Rainbow Transportation provides late bus service for students participating in sports and other after-school activities, with daily late service boarding between 4:30 and 4:45 p.m. for prompt departure around 4:45 p.m.  Parents and guardians may easily report the need for late service on a daily or recurring basis via the school’s attendance app, School Pass, or by contacting Rainbow Transportation directly. If no families have indicated a need for late service by noon each day, late bus service for that day will be canceled.

Car Transportation

To ensure we can provide access to transportation that is safe, reliable, equitable, and cost-effective for all EMS families who request it, we have partnered with RideAlongNow.

Created by parents, with an emphasis on safety and community building, RideAlongNow is a child-focused ridesharing company providing door-to-door pick-up and drop-off services. Launched in 2019 in Jersey City, N.J., RideAlongNow is trusted by peer schools in New Jersey and nationally. Through our partnership with RideAlongNow, we are able to serve areas where bus transportation would not otherwise be an option and minimize travel time for our students.

Every RideAlong family has the same driver every day, who they know and trust, and riders are grouped with students of a similar age.

Making Transportation More Accessible

In 2022, our partnerships with RideAlongNow and Rainbow Transportation have allowed us to meet 49% more requests for school-provided transportation for EMS families.

Requesting Transportation

To request transportation services for the following school year, families must submit the Transportation Inquiry Form included with the initial enrollment and annual re-enrollment contracts.

EMS will work with our transportation providers to establish routes and determine the cost based on the interest of the number and locations of enrolled families, as well as the availability of vehicles and staff. When seating is limited, seats will be given priority based on the order that signed contracts are received.

While EMS will make every effort to keep routes efficient, we cannot guarantee the start time of a route and the overall time to and from campus due to variables in ridership and riders’ proximity to other riders. In addition, EMS cannot guarantee that a route will be provided for every request. Routes are created and developed based on a minimum number of riders.

  • April 15: Preliminary routes are shared with families who have expressed interest
  • May 15: Signed bus contracts must be returned to EMS
  • June 30: Final routes are confirmed

After the deadlines, additional seating on established routes will be offered to families contingent upon availability. Service for new students will be supported and additional requests on established routes will be made as they may be accommodated. To request transportation during the current school year, EMS families may complete our Mid-Year Transportation Inquiry Form.

Elisabeth Morrow School campus

Costs for the 2022–2023 School Year

Families who sign-up for school-provided transportation must decide whether they would like round-trip or one-way services and must commit to the full school year in the fall so that the bus company can establish routes and pick-up times. Each family who elects to use school-provided transportation will be billed for the entire school year in October.

New JerseyNew York
One Way$2,700$3,250
Round Trip$4,300$5,400

Families who live in New Jersey are encouraged to contact the transportation department in their district to find out if they qualify for reimbursement for school-provided transportation. To be reimbursed each year that they participate in the qualifying transportation option, families must submit the B6T Form to for verification of enrollment.

Families with financial assistance will receive a discount consistent with the percentage of aid they receive.

Coordinating Service Changes

Families served by RideAlongNow will coordinate changes directly with RideAlong Client Services and communicate changes to EMS using the SchoolPass app.

Contact Manny Ferrao at RideAlong Client Services by sending an email to or calling 908-442-3494.

Service from RideAlongNow is flexible, and they can make additional accommodations when families communicate requests ahead of time. Once after-school and/or after-care program schedules and participants are provided to them, RideAlongNow can alter the afternoon routes accordingly to provide transportation for students needing it. This is done at no additional cost to families provided that changes are communicated to RideAlong Client Services prior to the service change date.

Families served by traditional bus service will coordinate changes directly with Rainbow Transportation and communicate changes to EMS in the SchoolPass app. Contact Rainbow Transportation by email at or call 201-374-1222 to speak with Sarah or Alexandra.

How do I submit a late request?

Send an email to before 5 p.m. on the Tuesday of the week prior to the requested late service. For example, requests for the week beginning with Monday, Nov. 21, would need to be submitted by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 15.

Can I make same-week requests?

Due to the notice required to schedule drivers, RAN is unable to accommodate requests for the upcoming week that are submitted after the deadline. Should you need last-minute arrangements, consider connecting with fellow EMS families through the CarpooltoSchool app.

Do requests have to be made by email?

Yes, RAN can only accommodate requests submitted by email. At this time, they are unable to support requests through WhatsApp.

How do I schedule recurring requests for late service?

Late service requests must be submitted weekly, even for recurring requests. This ensures that RAN can schedule drivers using the most up-to-date information.

Carpool Support App

As an alternative to school-provided transportation, families may arrange their own carpools through CarpooltoSchool, which allows parents to connect with one another to schedule carpools on a daily, weekly, or one-time basis.

The CarpooltoSchool app (on web and mobile) includes features such as secure matching within the EMS community, Google maps integration, scheduling, and built-in text notifications to remind you when it’s your turn to drive. From the mobile app, you can also share your location with parents and guardians whose students are in your pool.

All EMS families will be pre-verified for an account in CarpooltoSchool before the upcoming school year begins. When this happens, families will receive a welcome email with a temporary password to log in to CarpooltoSchool and personalize. We ask all families to finish completing their profiles when prompted. Getting started is quick and easy, and families can opt out at any time.

Once parents or guardians create a profile on the EMS–CarepooltoSchool app, they can get started with finding a match based on three criteria: distance, schedule, and grade. Users send invitations to join their network and start creating a shared school pool schedule. They can use the app to discuss school carpool needs and exchange contact information as needed.


CarpooltoSchool offers live chat and toll-free support. Have a question? Need help getting started? Look for LiveChat on the web or mobile app or call 800-514-3808.

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