The Latest EMS News · 06 June 2022

Students Achieve Top Recognition on the National Spanish Exam

Students lined up holding awards.

Once again, our seventh- and eighth-grade students have been recognized for their participation in the National Spanish Exam.

The National Spanish Exam is a rigorous assessment given to middle school and high school students to measure performance and achievement in the study of Spanish as a second language. Students are tested on vocabulary, grammar, as well as interpretive reading, and listening. More than 73,000 students across the nation took the National Spanish Exam this academic year.

Here is a complete list of award winners:


Classroom Experience Category

Silver Medal
Artur F.

Bronze Medal
Sophie H.
Molly P.
Sage S.

Honorable Mention
Madison B.
Isabel G.
Sean M.
Katerina V.
Larsen W.

Silver Medal – Outside Experience Category
Dylan D.

Bronze Medal – Outside Experience Category
Aidan S.

Gold Medal – Bilingual Category
Rodolfo P.

Bronze Medal – Bilingual Category
John D.


Classroom Experience Category

Gold Medal
Sahil C.
Isabella K.
Andrew L.
Maxine O.

Silver Medal
Vivian O.
Anoushka P.

Bronze Medal
Olivia F.
Ethan H.
Kevin W.

Honorable Mention
Ian C.
Aubrey D.
Sooah J.
Rohan O.
Chloe S.

Gold Medal – Outside Experience Category
Christian R.

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