The Latest EMS News · 14 December 2022

New Endowment Expands the Reach of EMS’ Summer String Festival

Summer String Festival 2022

Our Summer String Festival, a renowned music program for deeply engaged and experienced young violin, viola, and cello students, can now help even more musicians with the creation of The Kirjner Family Endowment, established in 2022 in memory of Carlos Kirjner. The endowment will provide financial assistance to students selected to attend EMS’ Summer String Festival whose families are experiencing financial hardships.

“One of the great joys of Carlos’ life was sharing his love of classical music with his children, whom he passionately supported on their path toward becoming classically trained violinists,” says Ester Kirjner, noting that for their younger son, the Summer String Festival was an irreplaceable part of the journey.

This endowment was established in the hopes that those in need would be able to go on their own classical music journeys.

“What a beautiful tribute to Carlos’s life and what an incredible legacy for Carlos’ memory. The future students of the Summer String Festival will benefit from the Kirjner family’s generosity for years to come. We are all so grateful,” says Summer String Festival Founder Amelia Gold.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can support the Summer String Festival, please contact Hanita Walia, director of advancement, at You can also make a gift to the program.

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