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The Latest EMS News · 16 January 2022

City of Englewood Mayor Michael Wildes visits campus

Image: While on tour at The Elisabeth Morrow School in Englewood, NJ, City of Englewood’s Mayor Michael Wildes (standing left) paused to speak with a seventh-grade English class about his love of reading and related community service opportunities.

On Wednesday, Jan. 5, City of Englewood Mayor Michael Wildes toured our campus to learn more about what makes The Elisabeth Morrow School a leader in N-8 education, from our top-tier health and safety protocols that keep our community safe to our innovative STEAM program that engages our students in real-world problem-solving.

Before his tour, Mayor Wildes met with Elizabeth Gabbay ’93, P’30, P’27, EMS Board of Trustees President Hanita Walia P’22, Morrow House Head Eleni Siderias P’29, and our Head of School, Dr. Marek Beck.

“EMS feels like home,” Walia, whose older son started in the 3s program and graduated in 2016, told Mayor Wildes. “It was very important to me to find a school that was diverse and inclusive and where I felt like we belonged and, 17 years later, I feel as passionately about the school as the first day.”

While on the tour, Mayor Wildes saw our students and teachers in action. He visited two of our music classes, observing both one-on-one and group instruction; paused to speak about his love of reading with a seventh-grade English class; and spoke about opportunities to connect with Englewood to one of our science classes. He also learned about our 4 C’s (courtesy, consideration, cooperation, and compassion) and our new partnership with NuVu.

“Above all else, we really focus on community and meeting students where they are, understanding their learning profiles, and getting them to accelerate, go beyond, and explore their passions or if they need remediation,” Dr. Beck told Mayor Wildes. “EMS is a place to get students to achieve great things. We focus on our mission to get kids to be ethical leaders, curious scholars, and global citizens.”

Mayor Wildes previously visited our campus in August 2020, where he learned about our plans for safe in-person learning for the fall.

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