The Latest EMS News · 22 September 2021

A Bold Initiative for the Future

An image of a NuVu project, a STEAM initiative in partnership with The Elisabeth Morrow School

Bringing NuVu to The Elisabeth Morrow School

The Elisabeth Morrow School has always been at the forefront of new ideas in education, consistently reimagining curriculum to remain fresh and engaging. Our students learn from teachers and projects that are wholly unique to EMS, with the continuing goal of developing our students into the curious scholars, ethical leaders, and global citizens of the future; our families expect nothing less and we are proud to rise to the occasion.

Over the last 10 years, EMS has fully embraced STEAM (science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics) as a method to engage students at the intersection of creativity and achievement. We are excitedly anticipating our next steps as we partner with NuVu, a revolutionary project out of Cambridge, Mass. Simply browsing the NuVu site inspires excitement. NuVu projects are guided by experts on urban design, hydroponics, systems design, aeronautics, pneumatics, computational modeling, machine making, prosthetics, and so much more. These practical modalities can inspire all of our students to innovate and engage in design thinking in the way in which our future will require of our leaders.

Courtesy of NuVu

What Will NuVu Look Like in Practice

NuVu and EMS are collaboratively developing an implementation plan and specific goals for the program. Our NuVu Fellow, Ben Johnson is already on campus, working with our eighth-graders in cooperation with our STEAM staff and science instructors. Though NuVu will begin in Morrow House, we will slowly roll out the curriculum in all divisions over the next few years. This aligns with our ongoing Strategic Plan, to be completed by 2023, and the plan’s four core principles of a sustainable future, an engaged community, an exemplary academic program, and a transformative student experience.

Support Ben's Work for EMS x NuVu

EMS is proud to embark on a multi-year engagement with NuVu, a groundbreaking project that will assist EMS in developing a curriculum that helps our students meet the creativity and innovation needs of the future. Your gift will help us rapidly expand our NuVu programming from eighth grade to all divisions.

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